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Sunday, January 24, 2010


KOMPLOT is a coming together of creative young musicians from Malaysia, who aspire to bring the energy and authenticity back into rock music, as well as to breathe new life into the Malaysian rock arena. Currently consisting of five members, KOMPLOT are constantly experimenting with new ways of creating their ever-evolving dance-floor-friendly rock sound. Since their conception in 2006, KOMPLOT have captivated a growing number of listeners with their eclectic blend of styles of rock & roll, psychedelic funk, 70s groove, disco punk, metal and some jazz elements.

"The saxophone exerts certain organic feelings and emotions that simply cant be achieved through just guitars and drums."

DISKO TANPA RISIKO banner that is their shelter from this crazy world. What is the meaning of sanity when everything is just insane? Love. Gotta get it. Gotta dance. Gotta smile. Go be happy this is DISKO TANPA RISIKO for all.It is an idea of having a day without no fuss.No harm , no drama , no chaos , no surprises. Just music, pure n clean. Move your body to this beats. A new tune for the right breeze.

Komplot in colabration with photographic KukuBesi


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