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Saturday, January 30, 2010

INTRODUCING> Butterfingers

Butterfingers is a Malaysian grunge/rock band formed in 1993 and have released 8 albums to date: their latest being KEMBALI in 2008.

In 1991, Loque and his Malay College Kuala Kangsar (MCKK) schoolmate, Kadak formed what was then known as Loque's Tail , Loque and Kadak, together with a few MCKK friends, started producing their own material, with the hopes of making a name for themselves in the Malaysian music scene. It is worth remembering that this was during the start of the grunge era which managed to reach the shores of Malaysia in substantial force.

From left: 1996 - 1.2 Milligrams, 1997 - Butter Worth Pushful, 1999 - Transcendence

From left: 2000 - Butter Late Than Never, 2001 - Malayneum, 2008 - Kembali

It was while jamming in Kuala Lumpur during 1993 at Black Widow Studios that they bumped into Emmett, who was there jamming (as a guitarist) with his band at that time, Grunge Dayz. Impressed with what he saw, Loque challenged Emmett to a ‘jamming showdown', after which they mutually decided to join skills and creativity, to form their own band. After meeting up with drummer Kalai later that year, Butterfingers was officially born by the end of 1993.

And with the final line up of Loque (songwriter, guitarist), Emmett (vocals, guitar, strings and lyricist), Kadak (bass) and Kalai (drums), Butterfingers hit the underground gig scene with such vengeance that had most of their shows sold out and described today as ‘the stuff of underground legends'.


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