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Sunday, January 31, 2010

INTRODUCING> They Will Kill Us All

TWKUA with their old line up.

With band members consisting of seasoned players in the so-called scene, They Will Kill Us All (TWKUA) were born out of the frustration due to the failures of their past bands. Formed at the end tail end of 2003, TWKUA started off as a musical project spearheaded by guitarists David and Eddie celebrating their enthusiasm for indie rock music. After working on the music, the duo felt the need for a vocalist, and Hafizul took to the stand. The trio began writing songs and started scouting for permanent members. After a couple of lineup changes, the trio finally decided to rope in longtime acquaintances Amir on bass and Ihsan on drums. Their debut performances were on live TV (Latte@8) and the performance netted them the opening slot for Pop Shuvit at the K.L.H.C Revival gig at Hard Rock Café. The band has since played various shows around Kuala Lumpur and a gig in Singapore championing their brand of noise pop.

Secret Episode EP launched before Hafizul, the vocalist came out from TWKUA.

In July 2009, the band announced that Fizul was no longer a part of the band (he now sings for OrAnG, an offshoot of indie rockers OAG). With no gig appearances and no retail distribution, album sales halted. A cumulative groan was immediately felt by the country’s indie hopefuls. Ironically, that approach led them back to the box—the online box, that is, in YouTube. The band caught wind of a new all-girl band called HamsterDamnAged. The band watched the videos, went to a show, caught Sharon’s act and were instantly convinced that she was the real deal. And that was that.

TWKUA marks the 12th band that Sharon is a part of.

The addition of Sharon has given the new songs a host of new musical dimensions. The band have written 20 tracks, including a couple called ‘The Great Glass City’ and ‘Here Comes The Red Skies’ that chronicle those tumultuous latter days with Fizul. An eight-song demo is complete, and drum tracks are already finished for the new album.

They Will Kill Us All: There's a new girl in their life


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