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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

INTRODUCING> Se7en Collar T-Shirt

SCTS with their new album, The Great Battle release last year.

Signed under Laguna Records, Seven Collar T-Shirt have been actively playing in the Malaysian music scene since 2002, surpassing fads and other musical trends. Having released their previous album, Drones, in 2004, SCTS has gone through a line up change, and are set to release their long anticipated album later in the year.

When Seven Collar T-shirt first started playing in the underground circuit about 10 years ago, they were considered the most boring band to watch. This was a time when post-hardcore heavyweights like Prana and Lyme were hitting unsuspecting gig-goers with their exploding breakbeats and apocalypse-now-screamo rap metal. Seven Collar T-shirt sets revolved around slow burning jams and moody vocals. Instead of capitalising on power chords they did guitar texturing and solos; instead of aggression they wore depression with a smile.

SCTS with Estrella in their Europe Tour with support of KNUKE and Laguna Music.

The album opener ‘TET Offensive’, proficient demonstrates how SCT are as musicians. If their 1999 debut Freeway Dreaming & Broke was more of a compilation of pre-SCT songs and 2004’s Drones was their coming of age, then The Great Battle seals their place in the tricky world of adult rock.

Vocalist/Rhytm:Duan, Lead:Ham, Drummer: Adil, Bass: Keng.

Thankfully, for all of the added propulsion, SCTS never fully discarded their devotion towards atmospherics. And how could they, with Saiful Ridzuan’s (aka Duan) shivering falsettos and Ham’s sparkling guitar work so tailor-made for such euphoria? ‘Fibres’ is the album’s centrepiece, with endless reverb channelling an astonishing quantity of OK Computer-type despondence, while ‘The Foreigner’ is a gem of an acoustic-fronted track, painstakingly coated in world-weary resolution.

Also launching their new video clip for track: Wild Child [Here For You].


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